Have you ever been intimidated by a yoga class?  
Walked in and felt like there was no way you could do the poses the way everybody else did?
Do you have limited mobility?
Are you dealing with a past injury?
Are you a full figured, curvy person?

If yes, then HemaYoga is the right yoga for you!  

Honor your body

Yoga is meant for all types of bodies, whether you are slim, medium or curvy. HemaYoga honors your body’s abilities and classes are tailored to make you feel empowered and good about yourself.

Learn more about HemaYoga’s curvy body classes on meetup.

Restore your soul

HemaYoga is more than just doing postures on a yoga mat.  HemaYoga connects you to your body so that you can be in touch with who you really are from the outside in.

Renew your life

HemaYoga gives you a new perspective on your life as you learn concepts and philosophies that can be practiced on and off the yoga mat.


Based on the Kripalu tradition, HemaYoga takes a compassionate approach with yoga and is targeted to people with all kinds of body types and different ranges of motion.

Hema, the founder of HemaYoga, is a certified Kripalu teacher and has been practicing yoga for many years. Her classes and workshops help you to re-connect with your body and leave you feeling empowered, energized and at peace.  Hema's approach is unique because she truly cares about each individual and works to make your yoga experience the most positive and best it can be.