Somatic Release Breakthrough Program: a month to find your bliss!

The objective of this personal program (it will be just you and the teachers, Hans and Hema) is to enable you to break through all the obstacles standing between you and your bliss. Anyone, no matter what shape or size their body is in, can reach a stage of bliss. Your past experiences get stored both in your mind and your body.  Your mind has created thought patterns as a response to those things that have influenced you. Things like: bad or even terrible intimate experiences, cultural or parental expectations around intimacy, previous lovers and spouse(s) or past failures in finding your bliss. Your body stores the memory of these experiences deep inside and often these patterns need to be released as well.
We combine yoga, breathing, meditation and energy hands-on techniques from both the Kripalu school of yoga and the Source School of Tantra yoga. There are two parts to our approach. The first part is to teach you a home practice. The home practice is something you do ideally every day. This practice puts you on the path towards finding your bliss and once you have found it, allows you to easily get back there. The second part is what we call the hands-on somatic release session. During this session the somatic release breakthrough will be achieved. Thus the hands-on session will remove the obstacles to finding your bliss.
There are a total of 5 sessions. All sessions last one hour except for the hands-on session which typically lasts 2-3 hours. For a total of 7-8 hours over a period of one month. All sessions are held at our home in Sunnyvale California and are scheduled taking your availability into consideration. During the whole month and even afterwards we will be available to answer any questions or concerns by phone, email or text message.
Intake session
During the first session we do a full intake on your physical, emotional and spiritual “state of mind/body”. Doing this allows us to create both an optimized home practice routine and a optimized hands-on somatic breakthrough session, just for you.
Personal Home Practice session
During the second session which is typically scheduled a few days after the first, we will teach you your personalized home practice. We will have an easy to follow hand-out on both paper and electronically. The home practice is something we suggest you do every day going forward. It should only take you 20-30 minutes per day. It will consist of certain yoga poses, breathing and meditation exercises. The home practice is an essential self help tool to help you find your bliss. And since it is customized to you, you will have NO trouble doing it.
Preparation for hands-on session
During the third session, typically one week after the second one, we will review your home practice, see how it is working for you and make any modifications where necessary. The second half of this session is spent explaining the hands-on somatic release session, what to expect, and how to prepare for it. We will answer any questions that come up at this point. Ideally the hands-on session is about one week later. However some people need more time with their home practice or would like additional (phone) discussions before taking the next step. We will only schedule the next hands-on session when YOU are ready for it.
Hands-on somatic release session
This session typically lasts 2-3 hours. This is the most intense session of all and we suggest that you do not have any other intense activities planned for the rest of the day (either before or after). The exact contents of this session will be customized to your specific situation and will be explained to you in detail during the preceding session. Everything in this session is only done with your prior consent given during the preceding preparation session. During the session we will verify your consent at that time and you have the option to withdraw your consent at that time or any other time during the session. We do not add anything to this session on the fly. Since this is the core of the Bliss Breakthrough Program we suggest you take some time to read the testimonial quotes from other students that we have received and that are listed below.
Follow-up session
We will do a (quick) follow-up by phone the day after your hands-on session. A more thorough follow-up session lasting an hour is scheduled about a week after the hands-on session. During this last session we will also adjust, if needed, your home practice and discuss options for next steps.

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