Referral Bonus Program

The following courses are subject to referral bonus payments:

Whenever a person or person(s) pay the course fee, 10% of this fee will be send via PayPal to whoever they claim was the person(s) who referred them to the course (referrer).  The name entered on the course form as referrer is final and binding.  We will do our utmost to determine who the referrer is and send them their referral bonus.  But only if the referrer has signed up for the referral bonus plan BEFORE the referred person pays the course fee AND we have a working PayPal email account on file for the referrer.  If both conditions are not met then the referral
bonus is considered null and void.

The referrer will get the PayPal payment WITHOUT knowing who or what the bonus was for.  It will simply state "Referral Discount".  This is to ensure privacy for the referred person(s).

Payments are made only via PayPal.  Referrer has no right to claim any (possible) referral bonuses and they will not be able to obtain an overview of total bonuses paid.

Although different tax situations may arise, we consider the bonus referral payments as after the fact discounts on the course fee as originally paid by the referrer.

We currently do not limit the amount of total referral bonuses that will be paid to one referrer.


Update: June 13, 2017