Please find below a list of items that are for sale from our online shop partners. Use only the links below in order to get the best prices and automatic discounts!



Moisturizing Body & Massage Oils

Perfumed Maui oil:

Always liquid coconut oil with NO smell:

Pure avocado oil with NO smell:



Crystal Wand

Now you can practice sacred spot massage on your own if you don't have a partner. Highly recommended!



Amrita Waterproof Splash Pad (basic pad 54x54 size) or (the pad we use at home. Select 44x52 size for largest one) or (very decorative pad with images of roses on it. 41x41 size) (King size, soft velvet, waterproof blanket)

Protect your sheets and bedding with a durable Amrita Splash Pad!



Portable massage table (the one we use)

Extra large and extra strong (portable) massage table, ships for free with Amazon prime.



Flannel sheet set for massage table (the one we use)

Soft flannel sheet set to protect your massage table and make it more comfortable.



Fleece Massage table warmer (the one we use)

Even on warm days you will need this massage table warmer to take the chill off.



Toy demonstrating energy transfer between people (the one we used in the course)

This $8 toy can be used also at children events (the only toy on this list you can do that with!)



3RD PARTY courses


Beginner’s weekend seminar

Friday - Sunday, Weekend Seminar

All Skill Levels | For Couples & Singles

A group version of our “Bring Back the Honeymoon Bliss” workshop. Same techniques are taught.



Intermediate Weekend Seminar

Friday - Sunday, Weekend Seminar

Prereq: Beginners Weekend | For Couples & Singles

A group version of our “Bring Back the Honeymoon Man” workshop. Same techniques are taught.


Goddess Weekend seminar (women only)

Join other women of wisdom and receive the education you always needed from your sisters, mother, and grandmothers.



Self Study


Learn Tantra At Home Multimedia Set

The Learn Tantra At Home Multimedia Set is the most comprehensive multimedia Tantra course available.



Meeting of the Masters 3 DVD Set

These DVDs feature Tantra Master Charles Muir and Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaching together across a wide array of topic centering on the power of sexual energy.



Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD

This educational, erotic, and exceptionally-beautiful DVD from Charles and Caroline Muir will show you ways to more intimacy, passion, and emotional connection than you can now imagine.



Sexual Healing: The Tantra Way DVD

This educational, profound and often humorous DVD presents renowned Tantra Master, Charles Muir, addressing over 100 of the world's leading Tantra educators and sexual healers.



Tantra Goddess: A Memoir of Sexual Awakening



This unique autobiography tells the story of how world famous teacher, Caroline Muir, made the journey from being a "nice girl from Kansas" to a leading light in the world of conscious human sexuality.



Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving Book



A provocative and timely work, based on Charles and Caroline Muir's popular Seminars, offers modern couples ancient Tantric secrets for deepening relationships, intimacy, and passion.



The Sacred Spot Complete Guide

A Complete Tantra Yoga Guide to Female Sexual Healing & Awakening. With Tantra Masters Charles & Caroline Muir



Ultimate Tantra Book Bundle

This bundle contains the following Tantra products:

  • Book of interpretation

  • 25 intensely beautiful frosted glass Rune stones

  • Drawstring casting bag



White Tantra Yoga 3 Volume Complete Set (5CDs)

White Tantra Yoga (Laya Yoga) harnesses the power of your love, breath, and mind, directing it towards your chakras and body. It is a form of Kundalini Yoga which alternates the moving meditation of stretching with periods of profound sitting meditations.



Ultimate Tantra 5 DVD collection


All the greatest Tantra DVDs you've ever seen in one, affordable package! Finally, the best, most professional videos the Tantra world has to offer, all at a fantastic discount!


The 5 love languages

The book that explains the love languages people use. A must read.