This list contains all the vitamins and supplements that Hans takes on a daily basis. This list is what works for me (Hans). I am NOT suggesting or advising anyone to take the same supplements. The reason I share my list here is to give an example on how I went about finding supplements that work for me. 

I am NOT qualified in any way to even make suggestions on what it is that YOU should take.  Only you/your body can tell you what is right for you. Standard disclaimer: check with your doctor especially if you are taking medication. Some of these supplements can interact with medication. I find that usually has a good overview on side effects, dosage, and interactions. I always check there before adding any new supplement. 

What I did was to add one new supplement at a time and monitor how my body reacts to them for at least a week. Some pills I tried didn't agree with me so I stopped taking them. I take all my supplements first thing in the morning along with a cup of coffee (and water to more easily swallow the pills).

I selected my supplements after doing research on which supplements could help with the following goals I have:

  • increasing testosterone levels/libido
  • lowering cholesterol levels
  • lowering blood pressure
  • increasing muscle performance/effectiveness

So here is the list, in no particular order. Most supplements I found are effective for more than one of my goals. In spite of what it says on the bottle I only take ONE pill per day per supplement. (Exceptions noted). As I add new ones, I will add them to the beginning of the list. This way the reader can quickly see what is new on the list.

One more thing: some of these supplements are expensive and if you add up the whole list it is a lot of money to swallow every day. But I rather pay this price then the "price" of not being healthy. For most of the supplements I could find cheaper versions (or more expensive versions!) but I selected these because I felt they were right for me.


The List

Two pills per day for these:

And one pill per day for these:

Pills I used to take but no longer:

I used to swallow all my pills with a glass of water with this next powder added. However I do no longer, ever since I got two bouts of shingles. After reading up on shingles it seems that L-arginine might help trigger shingles.

Because it gives me body odor:

Not plant based or too artificial (but they might be right for you):

Too expensive: