Learn to Love Yourself Workshop - August 2nd/2014, Briones, CA


Learn to Love Yourself Workshop - August 2nd/2014, Briones, CA

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Are you hyper-critical of yourself?

Are you unhappy with your body?

Do you have difficulty in accepting compliments?

Are you always putting others first before yourself?

If this sounds like you, then it’s time you learned how to love yourself!

Attend this transformational 4 hour workshop and you will:


Feel energized, revitalized and more in touch with who you really are

Learn how HemaYoga can help with self awareness and self acceptance

Feel better about yourself and others


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Here's what previous attendees are saying about the workshop:

You hear the phrase “Learn to Love Yourself” often & I wasn’t sure what to expect... Hema presented information from her experiences & laced it with societal, media & ancestral influences. Allowing us the safety in sacred circle to explore/question some of our long held beliefs so we could release them & see ourselves differently. Quite thought provoking & informative! We were able to walk away with tools to upgrade our daily experience, including gentle yoga postures, & new found friends. I’m looking forward to her next class.
— Rebecca H, San Jose, CA
The Learn to Love Yourself workshop was truly amazing and transformative. Hema’s facilitation of the workshop was kind and compassionate, and allowed me to tap into feeling honored and special and worthwhile. I had some wonderful revelations. I intend to put what I’ve learned into practice to enhance my feelings of self-love and self-acceptance. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who has ever had self-doubt, been critical of themselves, or felt “less than”.
— Michelle G, Santa Clara, CA
The Learn to Love Yourself workshop was a life-affirming & life-changing workshop. Hema radiates compassion and grace. I really felt big shifts happening as we opened to the fullness of the experience. Both practical and aspirational, the workshop left me feeling hopeful, joyous and inspired.
— Nan, San Jose, CA