"You hear the phrase "Learn to Love Yourself" often & I wasn't sure what to expect... Hema presented information from her experiences & laced it with societal, media & ancestral influences. Allowing us the safety in sacred circle to explore/question some of our long held beliefs so we could release them & see ourselves differently. Quite thought provoking & informative! We were able to walk away with tools to upgrade our daily experience, including gentle yoga postures, & new found friends. I'm looking forward to her next class."

Rebecca H, San Jose, CA

"The Learn to Love Yourself workshop was truly amazing and transformative. Hema's facilitation of the workshop was kind and compassionate, and allowed me to tap into feeling honored and special and worthwhile. I had some wonderful revelations. I intend to put what I've learned into practice to enhance my feelings of self-love and self-acceptance. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who has ever had self-doubt, been critical of themselves, or felt "less than"."

Michelle G, Santa Clara, CA

"The Learn to Love Yourself workshop was a life-affirming & life-changing workshop. Hema radiates compassion and grace. I really felt big shifts happening as we opened to the fullness of the experience. Both practical and aspirational, the workshop left me feeling hopeful, joyous and inspired."

Nan, San Jose, CA

"Think big guys would never do Yoga? Its for little skinny people? Not with Hema as your teacher. She tailors the workouts for your needs for that day! During the sessions gives insight into the philosophy of Yoga, and when we are done, I feel relaxed and energized, just looking  forward to the next class."

Larry C, Sunnyvale, CA

"I have been taking Kripalu yoga from Hema for over a year now.  She is a very caring teacher and tries to gear each class to our needs at the time.  I always come away from class feeling calm and nurtured.  My balance is much improved and I love the stretches that we do."

Marsha L, Santa Clara, CA

"Hema is a great teacher and she has helped improve my flexibility.  Being flexible is important since I am a runner and need to stay loose and limber."

Hans, Sunnyvale, CA

"Hema is a very skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate teacher of Kripalu Yoga practice. 
As an endurance runner, I have very much appreciated and greatly benefited from Hema's instruction on not only how to stretch, strengthen and attend to tight tendons and muscles, but have also learned the importance of living a mindfulness-based practice when attending to mind, body and spirit. Hema brings a caring and compassionate presence to her Yoga practice, supporting a person to "start with where he/she is at" and build skills gently from there.

Peggy A, Sunnyvale, CA

"I began taking classes from Hema a year ago. I am an endurance runner, and her knowledge of the specific aches and issues of runners and the ideal stretches was appreciated. Her gentle approach is not just to the body, but the spirit.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, Hema walked me through meditations that helped me when my anxiety arose. She even offered to call and walk me through meditations over the phone, if I needed any additional support. Hema's instruction is gentle, yet don't be fooled! The next day, your muscles will definitely feel that you've had a good workout. My only criticism is that Hema refuses to move next door to me, so that I can take her class whenever I please."

Miriam H, San Mateo, CA

"Having taken other yoga classes, Hema is the best. She understands what I need and leads the class so I come out feeling worked and energized. With a personal touch Hema leads you into a more spiritual experience with yoga, I would highly recommend her classes to anyone no matter your body type or physical shape.

Debby C, Sunnyvale, CA

"Hema's class was my first introduction to yoga.  I found her to be a very gentle, caring, and sensitive teacher.  "If it doesn't work, don't do it" seems to be her philosophy but she didn't let me get away without trying new poses.  I also had to move out of my comfort zone a bit each time, but the results were worth it.  I feel I made great progress with her instruction."

Bob S, Santa Clara, CA

"Other than daily dog-walking, I never exercise. When I come to Hema's class I feel tight and stiff, but afterwards I feel relaxed and loosened up.. That's the kind of teacher Hema is. I don't need to be a super "yoga person" - she makes me feel that wherever I am is okay. She always asks what's going on with me and adapts her class to support me, designing a stretch or a pose to help me with whatever I need. She is an encouraging, supportive teacher and her class has a feeling of acceptance and welcoming, addressing the connection between mind and body, breathing and relaxation. Hema is an ebullient, funny, warm and encouraging teacher and I look forward to every class we have together."

Anne W, Montara